Houston has a problem with access to the ladies room

La Cour suprême du Texas a obligé la municipalité, dirigée par Annise Parker (ici à gauche, lors d'une levée de fonds à Houston le 22 octobre) à soumettre sa proposition aux voix.

In Houston, Texas, a dispute must be emptied democratically Tuesday, November 3rd. As in many US cities and states, voters are called to the polls to participate in local referenda. They come out in this case on Proposition 1, a measure championed by the Democratic mayor, Annise Parker, designed to allow access to the women’s restroom for men who have changed sex. Initially voted in the city council, the provision has been strongly opposed by pastors and by Republicans. This is the Texas Supreme Court, which informed, has forced the municipality to submit the proposal to a vote.
A fevered debate has developed around the measurement. Opponents have continued to highlight the risks of attacks that would include in their opening transgender female toilets. In a video clip produced by the Family Freedom Fund, they rain banknotes in a toilet bowl. Parents who would oppose a man enters the bathroom where their daughter was found, for example, would indeed be punishable according to them a fine of 5000 dollars.

Bad advertising Business

For Tony Perkins, president of the association linked to the video, the Family Research Council Action, Proposition 1 is an attack against religious freedom comparable to the legalization of gay marriage. It turns out that the mayor of Houston, the fourth city in the United States, makes no secret of his homosexuality. The activists supportive of the measure, who defend their side tolerance tradition of the greatest agglomeration of the Lone Star State have particularly called to the rescue one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party, Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio and a historical figure of the city, Welcome Wilson, a heavyweight of real estate.

The possibility of a victory of the “no” worried indeed part of the city’s business community , anxious to see her decked out with a conservative label. As recalled in Washington Post , the Republican governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, had opposed in 2014 vetoed a law allowing traders not to serve homosexuals in the name of that religious freedom . She feared that this indeed against advertising-do lose the capital, Phoenix, the award of the 2015 Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship. A final wish that precisely accommodate Houston in February.

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