Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders compete for the African-American vote in South Carolina

L'actrice et productrice Vivica Fox fait campagne pour Hillary Clinton à Denmark, en Caroline du Sud, le 9 février 2016.

In the Democratic camp, the next qualifiers will be held in Nevada (February 20) and South Carolina (27 February). In Nevada, 30% of the Democratic electorate is African American or Hispanic, recalls Washington Post . In South Carolina, 55% of the Democratic electorate is African American.
In January, a poll NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Marist brought out massive support (74%), which some call “firewall” ( “firewall”) of the former secretary of state in the African American electorate (17% Sanders). The Clinton camp is counting on those votes to counter the momentum created by Bernie Sanders, but anticipates that it will fetch that young African Americans.

Thursday, representatives of the Congressional Black Caucus (the Congressional Black caucus), one of the parliamentary groups of the legislature, should officially give their support to the former Secretary of State

Nevertheless, several voices are reminiscent neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sander are not owners of the voices of Hispanic or African-American voters

  • Michelle. Alexander , the author of the New Jim Crow: mass incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness (on mass incarceration of young African American men), puts the record straight. In an article published Wednesday in The Nation , it returns to the presidency of William Clinton – the “Crime Bill” of 1994 to the fight against crime, which includes the creation of jobs in the police, strengthening the application of the death penalty and the continued efforts to control sales of assault rifles; the 1996 reform of the Welfare , which helped to dismantle the welfare state, and whose measures were supported by Hillary Clinton; it still evokes the prisons filled with African-American prisoners, the abolition of allowances for poor families, etc.

But it does not call for much support Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Party. Michelle Alexander asks how long African American voters will agree to play the game and Democrats questioned their ability to start a new political adventure.

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates, journalist to the Atlantic and author of Between the world and me ( “Between me and the world”, not translated, Spiegel & Grau, 176 pages, $ 13) on race relations United States announces that he will vote for Bernie Sanders, which he expects more than Hillary Clinton.


  • Charles M. Blow , one of the editors of New York Times said for his part that if Bernie Sanders is a strong candidate, honest, serious, etc., his supporters would do well to stops to explain to African Americans why they should vote for the senator from Vermont, whose promises seem too good to be true. He quotes a passage James Baldwin summarizing the views of African Americans in a passage of Chronicle of a homeland (Notes of a Native Son 1955 ): “of all the Americans, blacks distrust most politicians, or more precisely, they learned to expect nothing from them. More than any other American, they have always been aware of the chasm between election promises and their daily lives. “
  • Erica Garner , daughter of Eric Garner, who is engaged in the struggle for civil rights, signed a podium answering those in the community African American who refuse to believe in the system or leaders. It asks voters to give a second chance to Bernie Sanders program, which provides, in particular, reform of the judiciary.
  • Syreeta McFadden explains the Site Guardian “there is a misunderstanding between African Americans and the left [white] American who believes that the fight against racism is less essential than the class struggle, as if the issue of racism did not intervene in the background of every aspect of American life .

the memo Robby Mook ridiculed on Twitter

on Twitter posts using the hashtag #NotMyAbuela have mutlipliés after the publication of the memo Robby Mook explaining to supporters of Hillary Clinton why March will be important for the candidate for the Democratic nomination. #NotMyAbuela This refers to the article published by Hillary Clinton on her website to show she is like a grandmother Latin ( abuela , in Spanish).

The Huffington Post has gathered some, denouncing a third term for the Clinton clan, remember the mass imprisonment of young African Americans, or how Clinton behaved face Barack Obama in 2008.

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