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Gingrich and Romney clash on immigration

JACKSONVILLE, United States – The candidate for the Republican Newt Gingrich does not believe that the proposal of his rival Mitt Romney to allow illegal immigrants to step down voluntarily work.

He added that Mr. Romney is the most “anti-immigrant” of all candidates, a label that has boosted the principal concerned.

MM. Gingrich and Romney clashed during the debate of the candidates in Florida on Thursday.

Mr. Gingrich said that the U.S. does not expel the grandmothers of their house and called for the country’s immigration policies are realistic. He added that Mr. Romney is biased against immigrants.

For his part, Mr. Romney said that such rhetoric is “inexcusable”, saying he is in favor of legal immigrants and that laws must be respected.

He also argued that his father was born in Mexico and that his stepfather was born in Wales.

Rick Santorum said he agreed with Mr. Romney, while Ron Paul has launched the U.S. should focus more on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan than on separating Mexico.

Republican candidates want to appear strict illegal immigration, without seeming lack of compassion for the families who are in the U.S. a long time and have developed strong links with the country.

This was the 19th debate between candidates for the Republican nomination. It is seen as particularly important for Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, both of which must strike hard at the Florida primary on 31 January, if they hope to be the Republican opponent of Barack Obama in the presidential elections of November.

Moreover, the method of taxation was also a hot topic.

Regardless of what polls show about tax fairness, the four candidates have all said they are opposed to the rich are taxed more.

Mr. Gingrich said that the size of government should be reduced to dock to state revenues.

For his part, Mr. Santorum said support a tax in two parts, the maximum would be 28 percent. Ron Paul has in turn provided to withdraw the amendment to the constitution that allows the federal government to levy tax on income.

Candidates spoke on the idea of ​​Newt Gingrich to establish a colony on the moon to reinvigorate the space industry in Florida.

His main rival Mitt Romney said that such a measure was not worth the investment it would require.

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