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Fisheyes, a fishing pole high-tech can see underwater

Technophiles who like to spend some of their free time fishing could fall under the spell of this high-tech cane to see what is underwater.

FishEye named, this rod could change more sophisticated fishing. Indeed, it is equipped with an underwater camera and a color LCD screen with a retractable sun visor. The user is able to see if fish are present in the area. Images captured by the camera are transmitted immersed in real time on the screen. The camera is equipped with LED light for monitoring the aquatic environment under any condition. FishEye is powered by four AA batteries. The most impatient fishermen can then know in advance if the fish are scarce in a site and move in a more populated area.

Only downside, the line is actually a 6 meter cable that connects the camera to the LCD. It is uncertain that we can catch large fish without the risk of breaking the tool. FishEye is currently priced at $ 80.


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