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Facebook vs Google Battle

Emails were sent to bloggers and journalists’ last week that said, “Google quietly launches sweeping violation of user privacy!” This was a campaign against search engine giant, Google, created by Burson-Marsteller. Facebook paid for the campaign all part of their battle with Google. Facebook has a social graph that the search engine wants.
Emails have also been sent about Google’s new Gmail feature called Social Circles. It was said that this feature will gather information from social networking sites around the internet and share and use that info without anyone’s consent. Facebook admits they hired Burson—but to get information that others did not approve of Google using Social Circles to get information without knowledge or consent. Facebook said they did not hire him for a smear campaign.

Google and Facebook have been competing for web users’ attention awhile now. Google downplays that Facebook is a threat. Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO, said Microsoft is Google’s concern. He said, “Facebook’s ads business does not displace our advertising. I’m somewhat perplexed by the obsession, because I don’t think the facts support it.” Facebook’s access to to all types of personal information and personal connections make them a competitor to Google who wants to organize all the world’s info.

Google may come out with its own social networking site. Some joke and say it may be called “Googbook.” This is not the first time they have tried their hand and social-type ventures. Google Buzz was created as a social networking tool and then was later ended. Now Social Circles is in the making and is under criticism from many including Facebook.

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