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Facebook: The beginning of the end?

Last month, the social network has lost 6 million active users in the United States. Is this the beginning of the end for the site of Mark Zuckerberg?

Since the announcement by Inside Facebook loss of social network users, Business Insider has published an article claiming that Facebook had lost nothing since the figures did not take into account connections to the site from mobile phones. In article below, published prior to these latest developments Farhad Manjoo, believes that in any event come off the growth as the sole indicator of the health of the site.

The number of active users of Facebook has risen only 1.7% in May that’s about half its normal growth, a number that follows growth also slow in April.

According to Inside Facebook, blog search following the traffic the site, the majority of growth comes from developing countries. While Brazil, India and Mexico are experiencing significant gains, Facebook lost users in established markets. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway and Russia have recently declined.

U.S. figures are particularly striking. Facebook had 155 million active users in early May and only 149 million at the end of the month. (Facebook defines an active user as someone who had been connected to the site at least once in the month.) In other words, 6 million Americans decided last month that they had better things to do than Log in to Facebook.

Terrible news for Facebook

This is not good news for social networking. One could even say it’s terrible news, considering that Facebook has apparently planned an initial public offering, with an estimated value of the company up to $ 100 billion.
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