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F-16: Washington refuses to provide hunters to Taiwan

The United States refused to deliver 66 fighters to Taiwan ultramodern F-16 C / D, said the spokesman for the Taiwanese Ministry of Defence, quoted by Defense News.

“We are very disappointed with the United States,” said the source.

Faced with a rising military power of mainland China, Taiwan had repeatedly asked the U.S. to sell a lot of modern hunters.

According to Defense News, last week a delegation from the U.S. Department of Defense issued its decision in Taiwan and has offered it to upgrade the planes F16A / B, which already equip the Taiwanese air force by purchasing advanced equipment and spare parts to modernize these aircraft.

In October 2008, the administration of George W. Bush agreed to give Taiwan a large quantity of arms and, despite many protests from China. In response, Beijing has suspended its dialogue with Washington on military matters, which only resumed in February 2009.

In early January, in response to Washington’s intention to provide a major Taipei lot of weapons, Beijing has focused in the United States the responsibility of the sinking of the discussions between the parties in conflict.

Relations in the field of defense between mainland China and Taiwan remain tense since 1949, when the armed forces of the Kuomintang fought during the civil war on the island.

Taiwan is a de facto autonomous territory with its own armed forces equipped with mostly American arms.

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