Edward Snowden is ready to go to prison to reenter the United States

Edward Snowden, en 2013.

Edward Snowden in 2013. Photo credits: Uncredited / AP

The ex-employee of NSA, to original revelations about US surveillance programs, made several proposals to his authorities. The latter did not respond to him now.

The Russian exile he begins to weigh on the morale of Edward Snowden? The whistleblower, fled to Moscow since his sensational revelations in 2013 about the electronic monitoring program, said in an interview with the BBC having proposed to the US authorities to surrender to custody. If one day the American puts foot in his country, he will be immediately arrested. Being considered a traitor, and falling under espionage laws, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

It is to avoid this situation that the computer is trying to negotiate a possible return. US court allows that the prosecution and the person suspected of a crime can make a deal in exchange for giving a trial. “I have informed the government many times I wanted to go to jail,” said Snowden. But man wants to ensure his return so as not to serve as “a deterrent example” for future whistleblowers.

No torture

In early July, the Minister of Justice American Eric Holder had indicated that negotiating was possible to solve the Snowden case. “I think it could be the basis of an agreement that could accommodate everyone in the end, he explained. I think that this possibility exists. “At the time, relatives of the Minister felt that by pleading guilty, he could serve a prison sentence of three to five years. It should also cooperate fully with the US government.

But Snowden said to have had no formal response yet. US authorities “simply said that they did not torture me, which is a good start, I think. But we had nothing more concrete than that. “He and his lawyers are still waiting for US officials” recall. ”

Former NSA employee who took the interview reveal the existence of a British secret program – dubbed “The Smurfs” – to take control of a mobile phone remotely, told a clear conscience. “I paid the price [of my revelations] but I have no problem with the decision I have taken. If I die tomorrow, I will feel happy with what I accomplished. ”

” He will die in Moscow “

Two years after his revelations, Snowden always public on his side. A week after its creation, more than 1.37 million people subscribe to his Twitter account. He has received several awards for his actions on and some opponents still recognize him credit for having sparked a debate in society necessary.

But the break was probably too much for some, not wishing to see him again. “If you want my opinion, he will die in Moscow. He will never come back, “and predicted the former director of the NSA and the CIA, Michael Hayden.

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