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Economy against security, the first shock of the U.S. campaign

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (Reuters) – On Friday the Republican candidate Mitt Romney continued to tackle the economic record of Barack Obama as it strives to highlight the inexperience of his rival national security.

During a speech in Ohio, a state of the “Rust Belt” (“rust belt”, in allusion to his declining industry), Mitt Romney has accused the outgoing president for trying to impose U.S. economy more regulated on the European model, promising to reverse to restore freedom of the market economy.

“This election is your opportunity to restore and strengthen these principles, either choose new ones,” said the millionaire Republican.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, builds on the first anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden, who had been hailed by Democrats as Republicans leaders to point the finger at the alleged reluctance of the former Massachusetts governor.

“The commander has a chance to make the right decision. What would have been the choice of Mitt Romney?” Asks a campaign spot recalling old declaration of the Republican candidate that it’s not worth it to move heaven and earth spending billions of dollars to capture a single person. ”

Republican candidate unhappy in 2008, John McCain blasted a recovery company policy from the White House.

“President Obama shamelessly exploits the only good decision he made to engage in an operation of self-congratulation pathetic”, denounced John McCain said in a statement.

“Barack Obama should be ashamed to turn the memory of Sept. 11 and the death of Osama bin Laden free campaign spot,” he accused.


Mitt Romney has so far ignored these attacks, focusing on his weak point of four years of Obama in the White House, the slow economic recovery after the financial crisis.

“America has lost five and a half million jobs since his election and he did not reverse the trend. Times are hard for the American people,” insisted Mitt Romney in Ohio, a “swing state” , State may switch in one camp or the other on the day of the presidential election.

The Republican candidate has described Barack Obama, which he never pronounced the name as a politician whose promises are disconnected from economic realities.

“We have always encouraged young people: try, take your chance, give yourself fully. Take risks, learn, borrow money to your parents if you can. Start Your Business”, he said.

This week Barack Obama has also addressed the young by promising to strengthen the loans at low interest rates given to students so they can integrate the university.

The Democratic president knows, however, that unemployment is its Achilles heel.

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