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Drought worsens in spite of rain in the Midwest

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The historic drought experienced by the United States has worsened this week in the Midwest and the American Great Plains, noted climate experts in a study published Thursday.

These areas provide the majority of corn, soybeans and livestock produced by the United States.

About 30% of the nine states that make up the Midwest suffered from extreme drought between 17 and 24 July, three times more than the previous week, according to data from the U.S. agency for drought monitoring.

Conditions in the Midwest, which produces about three-quarters of corn and soy U.S., the largest producer and exporter in the world, have worsened despite the first significant rainfall recorded for a month in some areas.

“The 50 mm and more (precipitation) that hit southern Wisconsin to northern Indiana have simply allowed to maintain the status quo. Most other areas were not as lucky,” said Richard Heim of the national Climatic Data Center, responsible for the monitoring program.

“The state of meadows, pastures and crops has continued to deteriorate since the great plains of Colorado to the valleys of the Ohio and middle Mississippi, and Oklahoma to the Dakota,” Has he added.

More than half the area of the United States are in a state of moderate drought or greater, a record for the fourth consecutive week in 12 years of the program followed by drought (U.S. Drought Monitor).

This drought is most severe in the U.S. since 1956.

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