Donald Trump wants to “close the Internet in part” with “using Bill Gates”

Donald Trump, le 7 décembre lors d'un meeting.

We lose a lot of people [who are radicalized] because of the Internet. It is necessary that we see Bill Gates and other people who really understand what is happening. We must ask them, maybe in some places close Internet in part, in one way or another.

Donald Trump, the candidate for the Republican nomination for the unienne next presidential states-leading in the polls, has not only proposed the night “ stop all Muslim immigration to the United States .” He also proposed to cut part of the Internet, without saying specifically if he thought to geographical areas or certain services

As often, the troubled proposal by Mr. Trump is based on technical and legal grounds. If the United States historically have significant control of how the Internet is run – ICANN, the organization responsible for the governance of the network is an association of California law – they do not decide alone. Especially since ICANN should open, from 2016, to a way of more open governance.

Also, cut services or access to the Internet in some parts of the world is technically complex. Some countries have in the past, banned their citizens’ access to the network – especially during the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak – but a cut “remote”, operated in the United States is far more complex technically Because of the decentralized nature of the network, and especially diplomatically – it would be an unprecedented interference and a likely violation of human rights. Critics swept by Mr. Trump, who anticipates “. Yes, people will tell you”? And freedom of expression “ They are idiots .”

Finally, whatever the skill of Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, dedicated today at his charitable foundation, it is unlikely to help Mr. Trump realize its proposal. Its foundation is indeed working on ways to improve network access in poorly covered areas, including equipping of libraries in Africa – a very compatible lens with the idea of ​​cutting Internet access to some of the world population.

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