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Diabetes Can Lead To Higher Risk of Cancer

A United States study says people with diabetes have a higher risk for certain cancers than those without it. Some of the cancers include colon and pancreatic cancer in men and breast cancer in women. A survey of 400,000 was done. It found that 16 out of every 100 men that have diabetes said they also have cancer. It was found that 17 out of every 100 women with diabetes said they had cancer.
Chaoyang Li, an epidemiologist, said other studies have been done that showed the link, but there has been no proof that one can cause the other. “The significant association between cancer and diabetes does not surprise us,” said Li. Li also says no clear why diabetes is connected to cancer. The researchers concluded that men and women with diabetes were 10 percent more likely to have had some sort of cancer diagnosis. Diabetic men were more likely to have colon, pancreas, rectum, urinary bladder, kidney or prostate cancer. Diabetic women were more likely to have had breast cancer, leukemia or a type of uterine cancer.
Fred Brancati is a professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore whose own research shows the risk of death from cancer among people with diabetes is about 40 percent higher than among those without diabetes. “It shows there’s a substantial pool of American adults who have diabetes and cancer. The authors rightly point out that these two conditions go together beyond chance alone, so it pays to think about them together,” he said.


Angelica Bee

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