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Decoded the genome of E. coli that caused the epidemic

Dangerous intestinal infection in Europe, was originally recorded in the north of Germany, where for 2 days infection infected 200 people.

Experts from the university clinic in Hamburg, together with their Chinese colleagues managed to decode the genome of Escherichia coli E.coli. “It’s a combination of genes, which we’ve never seen before”- said bacteriologist Holger Rohde. The new strain only remotely similar to conventional sticks EGEK and has components of two species of bacteria. The virus is a mosaic – a multicellular organism that combines the properties of the two pathogens. These activators promote the development of patients with dangerous hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which leads to kidney failure.


Health experts say a virulent new strain of E.Coli bacteria that has so far killed 18 people, may be the deadliest in human history.

Over 2,000 people have fallen victim, 1,500 of them in Germany. Cases have now been diagnosed in the United States.

Specialists at the University Hospital Münster have developed a rapid test for detection of EHEC pathogens, according to a spokesman for the Department.



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