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December 12 in U.S. history.Pennsylvania. Golf. Boys Town. The tragedy of Panay.

Read today, who improved the quality of the maps, and how much was bought da Vinci manuscript.

1. 1787. Pennsylvania became the 2nd state of the USA. The name comes from the William Penn – Quaker, to whom the king of England gave the territories west of the Delaware River. Other names – “State of the cornerstone,” “Quaker State”, “State of coal.” Today, Pennsylvania is home to about 12.5 million.

2. 1862. In one of the tributaries of the Mississippi River in the same state sank the USS “Cairo.” It was the first ship in the country, which led to the death of a collision with a floating sea mine.

3. 1893. Cornell Adams (Cornele Adams) from Augusta, Ga., has patented aerial photography. Its method of photogrammetry allow you to create maps based on several photographs terrain made from different angles.

4. 1899. American dentist George Grant (George Grant) has patented a peg for the ball in golf.
5. 1915. In Hoboken, New Jersey, the son of a fireman was born the legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra).

6. 1917. In Omaha, Neb., the priest Edward Flenagan (Edward Flanagan) founded Boys Town. Here, as willingly and forcibly got troubled teens. For several years, brought home more than 1,300 children.

7. 1937. In the Chinese coastal waters of Japanese aircraft sank the USS Panay. The ship escorted the oil barge from the zone of combat. 2 people killed, 11 more were injured. Japan has agreed to pay as compensation to $ 2 million.

8. 1946. The Procter & Gamble pleased housewives across the country, began selling laundry detergent Tide.

9. 1980. American philanthropist Armand Hammer (Armand Hammer) bought the original manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester, written by the artist and inventor in 1506-10, respectively. For this purchase, he gave $ 4.5 million.

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