Deadly Storm Hits Alabama and Oklahoma; 17 Killed

A group of violent storms passed through Oklahoma at the end of this week then–Alabama last night. Weather forecasters issued a storm warning three days prior but no one could have predicted the destruction and fatalities that have occurred. The winds reached 80 mph and the sky was riddled with lightning strikes. Seven Alabama residents were killed. Combined with the deaths from the Oklahoma storm, the total is reported to be 17 so far.

The counties hit hardest in Alabama were Washington County and  Marengo County. A good portion of Washington County contains motor homes, about 40 percent, which many were ripped away by the storm. Marengo County had four back-to-back tornadoes hit the area causing mobile homes and businesses to be tossed and destroyed and four injuries. The violent storm has moved through Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. So far, Arkansas and Mississippi was the only out of that list to have any fatalities. Seven people were killed when the storm swept through Arkansas. Mississippi declared a state of emergency on Friday preparing for the worst. One death has been reported in the area and serious injuries. Oklahoma is where these storms began. A small town called Tushka, was hit the worst. The town has only two main streets and one school for all grades. This community wondered whether they would survive the aftermath.  Mayor Brickie Griffin, the town’s mayor, said, “It’s hard to deal with because we’re a small community with limited resources. It’s hard to do the cleanup.”


Angelica Bee

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