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Coffee, Sex Increase Aneurysm Risk

A new study says people with a brain aneurysm have a risk of rupturing it by doing normal activities like drinking coffee, exercise, nose blowing, and having sex. Dr. Sahil Parikh who is an assistant professor of medicine at University Hospitals Case Medical Center said, “For those patients who do have aneurysms, it would be advisable to avoid those behaviors.” He says the risks are very small but those with aneurysms should be aware and careful. “You shouldn’t be scared because the likelihood of this happening is extremely rare. I would encourage patients not to worry excessively about it and consult with their doctor if they feel at risk of an aneurysm,” said Dr. Sahil Parikh.

Dr. Monique H.M. Vlak, neurologist at Utrecht Stroke Center in the Netherlands, led the study. She states that most likely your aneurysm won’t usually rupture. “We think most aneurysms never rupture. Most aneurysms are discovered incidentally, since they hardly ever cause symptoms before rupturing. If they do cause symptoms, most often it is double vision or an incredibly severe headache, which is maximal within less than a minute. The latter is often a small leak and is called a ‘warning leak.'”

When the artery wall weakens and bulges, aneurysms happen. They can happen in the brain or anywhere in the body. A study published in “Stroke”, coffee, sexual intercourse, blowing the nose, anger, and vigorous activity or exercise, increased the risk of an aneurysm burst for those already suffering from one. Dr. Vlak states most brain aneurysms are harmless and have no symptoms of bursting. She says close to 2 percent of the world has an aneurysm and those that do should try to avoid caffeinee and not to strain when constipated—laxatives are recommended.. Dr. Vlak advocates exercise because the positive aspects are greater than the risk.


Angelica Bee


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