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Chavez: Barack Obama hypocrite

On Monday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lashed out at his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama after an interview given by him to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal.

“He would do much better by concentrating on his own country and dealing with his own problems”.Chavez said during a government meeting broadcast by national television.

In his interview, the U.S. leader had criticized the approximation of Caracas with Tehran and Havana, the media situation and the abandonment of the separation of powers in the country.

According to Chavez, Barack Obama’s statements are part of his campaign in the run for president. “Obama, be more responsible! You are a hypocrite, a mere hypocrite!, ” said the president of Venezuela.

Chavez also called Obama a “serious setback” for African-Americans and poor Americans, and African countries who had confidence in him. “They are ashamed of you, leave us alone, seek your voice in the U.S., that’s what you gotta do”, said Chavez.

Since his rise to power in 1999, the Venezuelan president regularly accuses the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of his country and to support the opposition.

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