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Charlie Sheen Visits Tornado Damaged Alabama

Charlie Sheen wants to put together a relief event for the tornado-torn Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He toured the areas most affected and witnessed the devastation and loss brought on by the storms. Sheen stated he will be working with the locals to organize a relief benefit to help the area. He said, “I want some money, hope, faith and healing to the area.” Tuscaloosa welcomed Charlie Sheen. Mayor Walt Maddox knows his presence alone will bring much needed awareness and attention to the suffering city. He hopes Sheen will make good on his promise to organize a benefit, “I hope he’s sincere when he says he’ll come back,” the Mayor said.

The “Two and a half men” star walked around the city with a University of Alabama cap on his head representing his Twitter fans from Alabama. He visited many residents, police and other emergency officials and posed in pictures with them. Charlie Sheen saw buildings completely destroyed and homes ruined. He visited an apartment complex and a chicken restaurant. As he walked through the trash and rubble, Sheen wondered if residents were able to at least save their sentimental and person possessions. He stated his understanding that when there is a great loss, small personal items can mean a great deal. “Little personal items mean so much in this kind of devastation,” Sheen said.

A date has not been set for Sheen’s fund-raising benefit for Alabama. He has stated wanting to organize with local officials real soon and will come back to get started. He posted on Twitter a picture of the rubble and wreckage he witnessed. His message with the picture was a promise for his help: “I’m in Tuscaloosa. It’s beyond words. Info coming soon on how you can all help.”


Angelica Bee

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