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Bus Driver Steals Bus, Drives Recklessly

A driver for a tour bus, Anthony Judd, stole a bus from Silhouette Tours & Travel and led cops on a high speed chase, almost running over an officer. His driver’s license has been suspended 16 times. The volume of outstanding license suspensions allowed cops to arrest him if he was caught driving.”He knew he was going to get locked up for the suspensions, but he took it too far. This guy had no respect for human life,” said one officer.

Anthony Judd began driving early in the morning where ran over stop signs, restricted roads and raced down the streets and Midtown Tunnel on the Queens side. After almost running down a police officer, Judd pulled over at 49th and Skillman Avenue where he was instantly arrested. The reckless driver was charged with fleeing an officer, attempted vehicular assault, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He faces seven years in prison if convicted.

The president of  Silhouette Tours & Travel, Antoine Legrant, stated that Anthony Judd took the bus without authorization. Though not an employee of the company, Legrant sometimes hired out buses to Judd. Legrant filed an auto theft complaint with police. He said, “If you take a bus out of my yard without me knowing about it, it’s theft. I guess he figured it was there and he could make a few bucks.” Antoine Legrant never attempted to check Judd’s driving record or if he had a valid license. “Being that he was never employed by me, I wouldn’t have known his license situation,” said Legrant.


Angelica Bee

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