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Barack Obama will propose $ 300 billion for employment

WASHINGTON (Reuters) –  Faced with eroding popular response to the crisis, Barack Obama will propose on Thursday night before both houses of Congress to spend more than $ 300 billion for job creation in the United States.

This intervention is rare before the senators and representatives and broadcast live on television, said the extent of concerns about the state of the U.S. economy, where job creation has barely offset job losses in July.

Tax cuts for middle class households and expenses and employer will be the focus of this program of support promised by August 15 the head of the White House to try to revive an economy unable to bring the unemployment rate below 9% of the workforce.

Barack Obama should announce an extension including a reduction in wage costs in force since December.

The U.S. president, whose speech is scheduled at 19h00 , should call on parliamentarians to adopt the plan by the end of the year, before the United States should join the campaign to the presidential election November 2012.

“It’s time for Congress, after a five-week vacation, to come back and do something and not just say ‘no’ to everything that gets proposed in this town,” Daley said on CBS.
TRUST crumbling

Republicans criticize, them, Obama not to have invited to discuss in advance of these support measures.

“I have no doubt the president will propose many things on Thursday that, when looked at individually, sound pretty good, or that he’ll call them all bipartisan. I’m equally certain that, taken as whole, they’ll represent more of the same failed approach,” said the top Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell.

John Boehner, the Republican chairman of the House, and Eric Cantor, who heads the Republican caucus, however, have suggested they might be willing to cooperate with Barack Obama.

Since the figure of $ 300 billion has leaked in the media – other sources would even claim 400 billion – the White House advisers are limited to ensure that the proposals will impact “quick and positive” on the labor market.

Americans’ confidence in the ability of Barack Obama to turn the economy crumbles month after month as and when bad numbers and the Democratic president hoped that his speech on Thursday will allow him to reverse the trend.

“We need measures with a direct impact on short-term growth and job creation. The president will submit proposals that meet just that,” said Jay Carney, spokesman for the White House.


Barack Obama has fought all summer with the Republican opposition for raising the U.S. debt ceiling and the hardness of the debate has led rating agency Standard & Poor’s to remove the country’s highest mark AAA.

The view had this evil passage of arms, condemning the government as well as delegates.

In a survey NBC News / Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, the popularity of Barack Obama touches its lowest level in 44%. In another survey ABC News / Washington Post, six in ten Americans now consider a negative management by the President of the economy and employment.

If he wants to increase his chances of reelection in November 2012, Barack Obama must absolutely reduce unemployment, increasing infrastructure spending and lowering taxes or business taxes on wages.

“This is a decisive phase in terms of leadership for Obama,” said Terry Madonna, who teaches political science at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “He has a lot of time before voters give their verdict on his presidency.”

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