Barack Obama to witness the thinking of rural America 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) – On Monday Barack Obama began a major tour in three days in the heart of the Midwest, a more rural land that had contributed to his election three years ago. The tour bus in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois should allow the U.S. President to the people to witness after the fierce battle on Capitol Hill about budget cuts. But it cannot be content; the concern of his countrymen to a deteriorating environment will cease to grow. Also, many see this shift in a dress rehearsal before the elections in the fall of 2012.

The former senator from Illinois will not fail to give voters he shares their frustration towards a federal system dysfunctional. “You have every reason to be frustrated, as I am, because you deserve better. I do not think this is too much to expect people that you have elected that they keep their commitments,” he launched in his weekly address on Saturday.

Obama took the opportunity to advance the initiatives he championed in economics as trade agreements, improving the system of patents or extension of a tax rebate for employees to reduce their contribution to Social Security (Federal retirement). “These are things we can do now. So let them,” he stressed.

In 2008, Barack Obama won without firing a shot in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, a Midwest has always supported the Democratic candidates since 2000, except for narrow victory George W. Bush in Iowa in 2004.

But the president’s support in this region back (about 50 and three of these five states now have a Republican governor at their head.

“We have a president who has just suffered deterioration in the sovereign debt rating of our country and this simply because he does not know how to lead and grow an economy,” Mitt Romney launched last Thursday. When Mr. Obama will meet residents of Decorah (Iowa) Monday afternoon, no doubt he will wipe the arrow as a new entrant in the Republican primary, Rick Perry, who will be at the same time 160km south-west Des Moines, capital of Iowa.

In polls, Obama scores comparable to Ronald Reagan in August 1983. But recent Gallup surveys show that his approval rating is between 44 and 49% in the ten countries most scrutinized by his advisers, including Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. Its rating among voters so-called independent, which gave a real hand in 2008 in traditionally Republican states like Indiana and North Carolina, also declined.

If the theme of 2008 revolved around the hope and change, 2012 will be summarized in a fight much less idealistic political … Behind the scenes, the president’s advisers are beginning to hone their arguments against the main rivals of the GOP. But we must not forget the electorate and the left wing of his party, who urge to create more jobs and increase the tax burden on the wealthy. Most leading Democrats, deplored Justin Ruben of the progressive movement, “have not yet proposed a true remedy to revive the economy.”

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