Barack Obama replied to the Republicans about Israel

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – On Friday Barack Obama said  at the Jewish vote in the U.S. that was attached to the security of Israel and a two-state solution with the Palestinians in response to criticism of his Republican opponents.

The U.S. president has been criticized not only by Republicans but also by some representatives of the Jewish community in the United States for its attitude to be too hard on Israel.

On Friday he countered that his administration had done more than any before it to protect Israel. He assured that his commitment to the Jewish state was “unshakeable”.

“So do not let anyone tell you a different story. This is the reality,” said Barack Obama to a crowd of supporters gathered under the aegis of the Union for Reform Judaism, an organization listed on the left.

Barack Obama did not cite anyone, but it is clear that his comments were aimed at the contenders for the Republican nomination for the presidential election of November 2012 in the United States. These rival attacks against the Democratic president on the subject of Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an attempt to reduce its advantage in the Jewish electorate.

Newt Gingrich recently distinguished himself by describing the Palestinians as a people “invented” seeking the destruction of Israel.

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