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Barack Obama: raise campaign funds

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama and the Democrats are struggling to raise funds for the campaign of outgoing U.S. President, candidate to succeed him on November 6 likely face Republican Mitt Romney.

In April, the Democrats raised $ 43.6 million which is lower than in March when the other side had collected $ 53 million, said Jim Messina, responsible for the Obama campaign in a video posted on the social network Twitter.

On average, contributions stood at 50.23 dollars per donor and 98% of these contributions were less than $ 250 in April, says Messina.

More than 437,000 people have provided financial support to Obama last month, 169,500 of which were donated for the first time. In total nearly two million voters have expressed financial support to Democratic candidate.

The outgoing president should be opposed to the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, after removal of the ultraconservative Rick Santorum of the nomination contest the Grand Old Party April 10.

The Democratic campaign team expects that the total amount of the Obama campaign reaches or exceeds $ 750 million that had been mobilized in 2008.

Romney, who appears as the candidate of Wall Street financial community, has demonstrated its ability to raise funds in the primaries against his Republican rivals.

Messina conceded that the outcome of the November presidential may be extremely tight because of the challenges that Barack Obama has faced since taking office.

The adviser also said that some business leaders, including oil companies, have already pumped millions of dollars in the Pac super to fund TV commercials targeting opponents of Romney.

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