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Arrest of dozens of outraged Americans

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – On Sunday dozens of “outraged” Americans were arrested peacefully in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon because they violated the law in these two cities of the United States.

In Austin, 38 people were arrested Saturday night and Sunday morning for having opposed the intervention of the police trying to clear the town hall square on which they camped for several weeks.

The activists were charged with illegal occupation and were prohibited from direct presence in the place of their event.

“The movement” Occupy Austin ‘was particularly peaceful in comparison to what is happening in the rest of the country, but there are laws that must be met, “said Dennis Farris, local police officer.

Makeshift camps have sprung up across U.S. cities and local authorities face a dilemma: to allow peaceful gatherings and maintain the safety, security and tranquility of the place.

In Portland, the demonstrators tried to extend their movement to a third city park located in an upscale neighborhood, causing a police response on Sunday morning.

About 25 people were arrested in connection with the regulation of green space.

Demonstrators in Nashville, Tennessee, were able to defy the curfew Saturday night after 50 of them were arrested last week for violation of this ground. They were released without prosecution.

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