Archives of September 11, 2001

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, media from around offering special folders on special folders.

For those who do not have enough, the site in California The Internet Archive offers even more: television coverage of the sad events. On the menu: more than 3,000 hours of television from 20 channels: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and American non-chains from Moscow, Paris, London, Baghdad, Tokyo, Ottawa, etc..

The director of the organization Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle, said he is “a four or five major television events, with the arrival of man on the moon, Watergate, the assassination Kennedy. I hope people watch this and they can form their own idea on how they want to remember this day, unlike the politicians who keep trotting out these events for years. ”

The first document archive begins at 8 am EST, 46 minutes before Flight 11 American Airlines does not hit the north tower of World Trade Center.

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