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“Arab Spring”: Hillary Clinton feared a marginalization of women

“We expect each party in a democracy that recognizes the rights of women,” said the head of American diplomacy on Friday, Hillary Clinton: “We look closely at the parties that form in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt.”
While countries that have experienced the “Arab spring” begin their transition to democracy, Hillary Clinton warned against the marginalization women. “No one can claim to represent the democratic wishes if the intention is to marginalize women,” she said in Vilnius, in front of the informal forum of the “Community of Democracies.”

The former lawyer has detailed at length the foundation, she says, “a successful democratic transition” institutions accountable and “based on the rule of law,” the protection and participation “of all citizens, especially women, “finally a civil society, free press, an independent judiciary and economic opportunities.

“In the Middle East and North Africa, women marched, and risked their lives blogged. (…) But they saw their limited participation in this transition period,” said Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton also urged the established democracies to support the emerging regimes in the Arab world.

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