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Apocalypse missed: a preacher apologizes

SAN FRANCISCO – An American preacher who has spent millions of dollars last year, to spread his message of imminent world destruction,  for the first time, admitted that the apocalyptic prophecy was wrong.

In a letter published Thursday on the website of its independent parish, the nonagenarian Harold Camping told his congregation that he had no evidence that the end of the world would happen soon, and he was not interested to consider other dates.

“We realize that many people hope to know when Christ returns, writes Mr. Camping. We humbly admit that we were wrong on that exact moment. ”

The station Family Radio International preacher continued his broadcasts from the headquarters of the nonprofit organization, located in a building near the Oakland airport. In recent years the organization has spent millions of dollars, including donations from individuals, to display the message of the Last Judgement on thousands of billboards.

After a global cataclysm did not happen on May 21 as he had initially predicted, Mr. Camping has revised his prophecy, saying he was wrong five months.

The followers were bewildered in May when the Rapture does not happen, particularly those who had left their jobs or given some of their pension fund or education fund to defray the costs of more than 5,000 billboards and 20 recreational vehicles lined the message of judgment.

Mr. Camping was later hospitalized after a mild cardiac event, but continued to spread the message that natural disasters will destroy the world on its website and in his weekly radio program “Open Forum”.

Thursday, the preacher told his parishioners that he had stopped looking for new dates, and would focus now to deepen his faith by reading Scripture.

“God has humbled them during the events of May 21, he wrote. We must also admit openly that we have no new evidence pointing to a new date for the end of the world. Although several dates are circulating Family Radio is not interested to consider a new date. “

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