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ABM Europe: the European missile shield (Obama)

The establishment of the European missile shield is not intended to undermine national security of Russia, said  U.S. President Barack Obama in Chicago on Tuesday.

“This system is not intended to weaken the defensive capabilities of Russia, I still hope that Moscow will cooperate with us in the field of missile defense,”
Sunday, May 20, the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced the end of the first phase of the implementation of the NATO missile shield in Europe.

The U.S. president for his part explained that the radar installed in Turkey is under the control of NATO command. Spain, Romania and Poland for their part agreed to accept key elements of the future shield, while the Netherlands have pledged to modernize four air defense frigates supposed to be part of the architecture of missile defense NATO equipping them extended range radar systems.

“We expect that other countries make their contribution,” added the head of the White House.

Russia and NATO had agreed to cooperate on missile defense in Europe summit in Lisbon in 2010. Negotiations are found in the impasse, the U.S. refused to provide written guarantees stating that this system is not directed against Russia.

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