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10 years old US food critic

AFP-Eli Knauer has a voracious appetite and a taste for the juiciest meats and desserts that do not skimp on the sugar. But at just 10 years old, he is no ordinary food critic.

Eli measures only four feet, some of his teeth have not yet been replaced and the laptop on which he wrote his criticism is wider than him. But it has a field already well-developed culinary vocabulary for rent flat and knock out some others.

“I was on vacation in Canada when I said I wanted to become a food critic. My mom told me to do first blog. That’s how it all started,”  he said.

On his blog, “Adventures of a Koodie” or a kid foodie “, since August 2010 Eli chronic the restaurants where he went with his family in Baltimore, on the east coast and in areas where it wanders over the holidays.

A year later and fifty restaurants, the little guy with glasses child knows what he wants when he goes into a restaurant: “meat juicy, sweet desserts, soft cheeses. 120 people registered on his blog and 41,497 page views,” he said AFP.

About a California pizzeria, he wrote (June 13): “The hostess told us there was a 20 minute wait. It took a little longer before being seated. (…) Chicken pizza with barbecue sauce was better looked! ”

Fortunately the ice was m & m’s “delicious”. So Eli, who receives no money from sponsors and commercials, has given five stars, the maximum, food and four for child care. The latter criterion is rated based recreation, cartoons, movies, spaces available for children.

In another restaurant in Baltimore, he notes that people wear “bow” and “chic hats. But he is disappointed that he be served a bacon cheeseburger as big as his head. “A child cannot eat a cheeseburger as big,” despairs there.

But bread and onions and chocolate cake covered with vanilla ice cream will save the five stars.

His parents, Jason and Cheryl, encouraged him to continue and noted that his blog helped him improve his writing. Some of her teachers even consult the blog to find ideas for their restaurant for children.

Eli’s enthusiasm has surprised his parents. Especially since he has started talking at the age of four years. “You would never know that this was a child you were afraid was never going to talk” Cheryl Knauer said.

Eli has even won a small helping of fame after a host of radio, television and newspaper interviews. But at school, he’s treated just like all the others, as a kid who gets in trouble once in a while, loves his cartoon shows and plays videogames.

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