Youtube Red: a deal that creators can not really refuse

Google introduced its pay offer Youtube Red: for $ 9.99 per month, users of video platform will benefit from an experience without advertising, access to exclusive content and the ability to save videos viewed locally.

A change in scale for the small Youtube ecosystem that is largely built on the spread publicity before and during the broadcast videos, including some of the gains were donated to the creators of the video: Google has had to revise its contracts with the creators to make them accept new clauses governing the new conditions of remuneration.

Google says that the vast majority of video creators have accepted the new deal proposed by Youtube. This is hardly surprising given the conditions imposed by Google: in fact, if they refuse, they risked their videos that are invisible to users, both for subscribers and Red Youtube simple visitors browsing the free and advertising side of the page.

Youtube handles the soft focus its commission

This deal does not apply to single lambda users diffusing from time to time a video on the platform, but those with agreed to spend a partnership agreement with the platform for advertising revenue: networks, and other popular vlogger. Youtube also remains tight-lipped about the exact revenue share, which will be donated to the creators: Google promises that “most of the revenue generated by this service will be donated to the creators,” as TechCrunch reports, but does not advance any specific figure on the size his commission.

There is a legitimate worry: Red Youtube supply coupled to a subscription music streaming service Google Music, part of the revenue from subscriptions will also be donated to the beneficiaries in respect of broadcasts on this platform. The share of the cake is therefore reduced seriously, but Youtube, hegemonic as an actor on the market of online video, seems to be able to afford to impose its own conditions for creators.

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