Xiaomi Mi Band

Yet there is little known outside of Asia, the Chinese brand Xiaomi is gradually a name including the smartphone market. But it does not stop there … Like many of its competitors, Xiaomi also is launching the accessories connected with an activity tracker, the Mid Band, perfect for those who want to experience this kind of product. His few minor flaws are quickly forgotten in view of its exceptionally low prices. Around 20 euros on various merchant sites. It beats flat sewing the entry-trackers Misfit Flash and Fitbit Zip found at around 40-50 euros on the Internet and offer the same benefits.


Xiaomi has opted for simplicity. The Mi Band therefore has no buttons. It consists of two parts: the electronic module and the rubber strap. With only 13 grams it is soon forgotten once the wrist. Water resistant (IP67), it is possible to keep to shower, but the bracelet is proving quite uncomfortable when wet. We can adjust it so wear tight or flexible according to their preferences.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band has no screen. Instead, three indicator lights are flashing when making the gesture characteristic of “look at his watch.” The system is rather picky and you really make a complete gesture by extending the arm and raising really like trying to tell time. Three LEDs indicate the daily progress walking. For example, if you set your goal to 8,000 steps, the second indicator lights when you have completed 5 000. And once you’ve reached your goal, the bracelet vibrates and all indicators will flash for several seconds.

must remove the strap module to recharge. This is only necessary about once a month. The Mi Band comes with a USB cable that is attached to the module that connects to a PC or an AC adapter.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The application Mi Band

Unlike the application of Jawbone Up 24 dense, bushy and sometimes obscure; that of Mi Band is clear and simple. Mid Fit is its name, is proposed and in Chinese and English, but the community around Xiaomi has embarked on the task to deliver a French version. There is no function for measuring caloric intake. The application displays the pedometer and monitor sleep, especially when we go deep phase.

You can set an alarm. The Mi Band vibrate the desired time. For early risers, an option allows the Xiaomi bracelet vibrates and you wake up 30 minutes before the scheduled time if it detects that your sleep phase allows.

Xiaomi Mi Band

In addition to these two functions, the application has a counter for jumping rope and bending. It must enable them manually. By default, the Mid Band not only measures and sleep. In the settings menu, there is also an option to vote for activities you would like to see be included in future updates.

Mi Band also allows Xiaomi smartphone users to unlock. If we take the phone in hand wearing the bracelet, it is not necessary to type a password or make a touch gesture to access the mobile.

Currently, the Mi Mi Band Fit application works only with Android devices (from 4.4) and iOS.


Xiaomi Mi Band

As we have said, the Mid Band boasts a 30-day autonomy. The two weeks of our test tend to confirm its excellent autonomy. After this period, the bracelet still showed 75% of battery. At this rate, the bracelet could therefore take nearly 2 months, not one. It’s really impressive, knowing that Up24 has only a week of autonomy.

The incredibly low price of Mi Band assures him absolution for his minor defects. The bracelet rubber requires an adjustment period, but it is light and not unpleasant to wear. Now difficult for other screen without bracelets to justify their exorbitant price knowing that the Mi Band offers the same functionality. It lacks only the calculation of the calorie intake. This is where a software feature that might make its appearance in a future update.

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