Wireless Xbox Elite One

The Elite Wireless joystick to PC and Xbox One is one of the most comfortable we have had in hand. It is far ahead of the competition, but it nevertheless has a problem: the price of 150 euros. It is probably not necessary to spend so much in a controller for the Xbox One console is twice that for current wireless controller. But for the privileged who can afford it, Elite really stand out.

From the grip of the Elite Controller for Xbox One , we immediately noticed that it weighs more than the traditional model. It is massive, consistent and luxurious. Each button works smoothly and fluidity. The major part of the hull is covered with a rubber mat coating while the handles have a texture which provides a better grip. The above aspect of product range is reflected in each of its elements.

In addition to manufacturing quality, one of the main arguments and advantages of Elite lies in the extensive configuration possibilities it offers with its buttons, its triggers, analog sticks and more. It comes with several interchangeable accessories games: 4 paddles, 6 analog sticks (standard, large, dome), 2 D-pads (a faceted and standard)

The analog controls exude. strength and offer some elasticity as the original controller does not offer. Microsoft provides two magnetic D-pad Elite with joystick: the traditional cross-shaped and a second circular, almost octagonal multifaceted facilitates diagonal controls


It is even possible to change the behavior of the rear triggers. A locking notch stops the run of the trigger when the gun went off and can fire again immediately. Each trigger has its locking notch. The system actually helps shoot faster, especially in burst or piecemeal if the weapon that is used reacts as fast as the trigger.

Finally, it also has four interchangeable paddles programmable via the Xbox app (free) dedicated to the controller. We have used this option to assign one of these paddles to change weapon in “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition”. And this proved very useful for not having to remove the thumbs sticks

We are not used to having such commands as a controller and it happened quite often we turn on by accident. It is a blow to take. A change of habit which can be longer or shorter for those who play for decades on conventional joysticks.

The application allows you to configure any of the 14 available commands. You can create as many profiles as you want in the application with custom settings for each game. The Elite controller for the Xbox One can however only store two in his memory. The latch to each other through a dedicated button. Microsoft suggests that developers and studios to offer as and specific settings for certain games.

A controller 150 euros must offer some extras. It is therefore good to know that it works immediately with Windows 10, as well as the application. The Elite controller is ready to run on PCs right out of the box and through the USB cable. To use it wirelessly with a PC, you have to invest in an adapter which costs 23 euros … The Elite does not use a rechargeable battery. It merely AA batteries …

It is quite difficult to justify spending 150 euros in a joystick, especially when we know that it will not necessarily make you a better player. The Elite offers a lot of improvements compared to standard Xbox One, but it is primarily a luxury. If money is not a problem, then yes, the Elite is really the best controller for Xbox One and PC. But if you’re not a gambler, these 150 euros can be spent more wisely, as in a standard controller and a game, knowing that you will still be thirty euros.

Sign do not have an Xbox One and the Elite controller seems necessary, the option of Elite package with the controller and a console with an SSHD Hybrid 1TB drive to 499 euros is to be considered .

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