Wine Smart LG is trying to revive clamshell mobile

Remember. In the late 90s, the mobile was fashionable clamshell: all manufacturers offer their models, some mythical as the Motorola StarTac. The star design is nevertheless fell into disuse with the rise of smartphones and their large screens, except in some countries like Japan and Korea, still fans of the clamshell”.

Malin, LG decided to ride the huge wave sweeping nostalgeek for years around the world to give it a shot: highlight a clamshell mobile in Europe, especially in France, it is the Smart Wine . But the South Korean does not simply launch a new old phone. He tried to hold together the two worlds: the old design with the characteristics of a smartphone.”

 The terminal running under Android Lollipop indeed and even offers a touch screen! Obviously, with a diagonal of 3.2 inches, it will be complicated to play Angry Bird … “To optimize the Smart Wine for fans of clamshell phones, LG
added a large physical keypad 3×4, which enables entry
easy and accurate, as well as keyboard shortcuts that provide access
immediate to frequently used functions such as the function
telephone, directory, texting or the camera. “, says LG. There are also larger icons than normal.

Moreover, the mobile is 4G features a 4-core processor at 1.1 Ghz (one wonders why), 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage and a battery of 1700 mAh.

The terminal will appeal to fans of vintage but also those who still have an old feature-phone but are not yet ready to adopt our huge current smartphones. Moreover, one will blame a brand finally propose some original design. There remains the question of the price that hurts a little: 219 euros anyway.

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