Windtulip, a green lamp turbine

The green lamps are not really new concept, many promising concepts already presented as Contex City for example. Pending the completion of these projects, it is always interesting to discover new ideas.

The latest concerns a lamp called Windtulip turbine. Windtulip has a shape inspired, as its name suggests, the tulips. The turbine rotates under the influence of wind and wind power is generated. This renewable energy is operated by a generator installed in the lamp. This converts the mechanical energy resulting from the rotary motion of the turbine into electrical energy recharging a battery is also located in the base of the lamp. Windtulip is equipped with a detector to recognize it if it is day or night. After dark, the lamp is automatically activated and turns off automatically in the morning.

Windtulip uses LED lamps. Side surface, the lamp shows a fairly modern design, enough to decorate the city.This conceptual design was created by Mebrure Oral.

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