Windows 8: 1 second to connect to Internet

Microsoft said on its blog that Windows 8 is more than 10 times faster than Windows 7 to connect to Wi-Fi Internet

In this sense, wake, it can reconnect “in less time than it will on the screen to turn back,” says the editor of Redmond. This optimization is due to the identity of the next Microsoft operating system. Indeed, Windows 8 will be used by computers, which Ultrabook where speed of access is a criterion, as well as tablets. Mobility is central to the development of Windows 8.

Today it takes about 12 seconds to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi Windows 7. The next version of the OS will no longer require a little more than a second to perform the same operation.

For the sake of simplification, Microsoft will bring together the Wi-Fi and 3G under a single management tool. In addition, the user will no longer download the drivers corresponding to its 3G operator. This will become clear through the adoption of a global pilot.

Remember, Windows 8 will be available in beta in February and will be released commercially in the third quarter of 2012.

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