Windows 10: Telemetry is not a privacy issue for Microsoft

Data protection is an industrial choices, defending Microsoft in 2014 with ZDNet. One way for the publisher to stand out from its rivals, especially Google. Apple is also the confidentiality of data a differentiation argument on the market.

With Windows 10 and the default activation of the collection of personal data, however, Microsoft has seen its position be some little challenged. The publisher had to react several times since the launch of its new OS.

From the opt-out for data characters, not the other

The data collection can be disabled by the user. Well, almost all. Telemetry is enabled by default effect, but also the service can not be finalized. – Which was the case with previous versions of Windows

Questioned by PCWorld, the Vice President Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, justifies this choice: it is not personal data but information related to the use of the system and its performance. The telemetry did so back to Microsoft data on crashes or malfunctions.

Collections on personal data can they be deactivated and concerns related to the protection of privacy are properly addressed, says the leader of the American publisher.

“We think these things have to do with the health system, and are not personal information or not relating to privacy “said Joe Belfiore from PCWorld. One way to justify the lack of option to opt-out.

The optional telemetry company

But this policy is not necessarily irrevocable suggests the leader, adding that Microsoft Windows 10 is still evolving and adapting its rules to meet the needs of users. For business customers, the Redmond company has scheduled a telemetry deactivation option – even if it does not recommend

Statements by Joe Belfiore echo those made in September by the boss. the Windows division, Terry Myerson. The latter already ensured that no data identifying the user was collected through the telemetry service.

“We collect a limited amount of information,” wrote the senior officer. “This includes data such as an anonymous ID terminal, the device type, and application crash data that Microsoft and its partners use developers to constantly improve application stability.”

More importantly, he added, telemetry excludes data relating to content or user files. And “we take several steps to avoid collecting any information that directly identifies you, including your name, email address or account number.”

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