Windows 10 Mobile development would be completed

The Build No. 10586 (the same version number as the RTM for Windows 10 PC delivered in November, aka “Threshold 2″) presumably corresponds to the RTM Windows Mobile 10 – that is to say, the code is frozen and ready to be delivered into production.

(Yes, Microsoft no longer uses the RM name to designate the final versions of Windows and major updates. But many observers continue to do so).

Representatives of Microsoft have not said the Build 10586 corresponded to the Mobile Windows 10 RTM. It is interesting to note however that the publisher has updated the page for the Windows 10 Mobile lifecycle. And the start date of the support is thus fixed to November 16. This date applies to users “Consumer” and “Business” Windows 10 Mobile.

General support for both versions of the OS it will end on January 8, 2019. The maturity Comprehensive support is not yet specified it. It is expected to be at least three years after the beginning of the life cycle.

With respect to this particular pre-release of Windows 10 10586 Mobile, note that it includes additional fixes, including the map of system stability. Microsoft has solved the problems including the Start function. It allows users to define default backup locations and now reflects correctly the existing storage settings.

Microsoft also ensures that the new version allows users to move applications to maps SD without causing crashes of these apps. The Build is also presented as reducing the recovery and loading text when switching from one application to another.

According to the Redmond company, improvements were made to the app Skype Messaging. The download of apps and games from the Store should also improve reliability, says the blog post accompanying the release of this latest preview release of Windows 10 Mobile.

A previous post warns Testers about a bug in the previous Build, No. 10581, causing partial corruption of the file system after restoring the factory settings of the phone. The blog gives instructions to remedy the problem.

“We strongly recommend that you make sure you make a backup of your phone * before * update to Build in 10586 Because of this bug, “writes the head of the Windows program Insider, Gabe Aul. “In addition, you can also restore your phone using Windows Device Recovery Tool to return to Windows Phone 8.1 and then mount version to the Build 10586.”

Another precaution: the deployment of Silverlight apps using Visual Studio on your phone still will not work with this version. But this problem will be resolved with the update Visual Studio 2015 November 30.

Microsoft will begin in the United States to sell its new Lumia (950 and 950 XL) on 20 November. They should turn directly under Windows 10 Mobile or be updated to the latest Build directly (France, availability is scheduled for early December). The editor said that the majority of Windows Phone 8.1 users would be able to upgrade to Windows Mobile from 10 December.

As a reminder, Windows 10 Mobile is not only the last version of the Windows OS for smartphones. The system will also turn on the shelves small format based Intel (not yet available) and ARM tablets, provided that the manufacturers do choose to produce such devices.

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