Windows 10 – Finally free updates for pirated versions

The confusion around the free update of pirated copies of Windows 7 to Windows 8 and 10 continues. Initially, Microsoft announced that all terminal users on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 could free up version to Windows 10 during the year following the launch of the latest OS.

All users or almost. The first declarations of the publisher might indeed suggest that even the owners of non-genuine versions of Windows or “Not Genuine” would be eligible for free Windows 10.

Last May, Microsoft was keen to clarify its remarks in a blog post by Terry Myerson,
the boss of the operating system division.

Two type of pirated versions

Still, in practice, this approach seems to be applied. On Reddit, so various testimonies show that Non-Genuine Windows 7 version 8.1 or allows free passage to Windows 10 but obviously, support via Windows Update is present and also free.

However, other versions of Windows pirates 7 or 8 users finally have access to the support and therefore have a version “unsupported” in Windows 10, as indicated by Microsoft initially.

Why the difference? Microsoft actually seems to define two types of non-genuine copies. Let us recall that the copies “Not Genuine” of Windows not always pirated versions. Sometimes users buy unknowingly Windows copies some resellers or retailers are as lawful, and which are counterfeit and / or falsified. These are finally recognized as authentic, activated by the publisher and thus allow for complete update. For others, that is actually pirated copies and considered as such, the resulting Windows 10 will be devoid of support.

The giant intends to increase the incentives for migration and aims to convince as many, even those that were not passed to the fund in the past. It is indeed to get a park than a billion PCs with next 3 years …

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