Wikipedia will close for 24 hours to protest against the SOPA

After Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, it’s time for Wikipedia to announce an upcoming strike in protest of its site by law.

. Only for the English version.

The encyclopedia will be participatory and available all day on January 18, but only for the English version. The law SOPA intends to apply filtering measures of any site that is suspected to promote piracy illegal. The strike on Wikipedia still close to 25 million unique visitors daily.

. “A frightening precedent Internet censorship.”

“And while we regret having to stop the world to access Wikipedia, even for one second, we can not ignore the fact that SOPA/PIPA and threaten freedom of expression in both the U.S. and abroad, and create a precedent for the world frightening censorship on the Internet, “said its founder Jimmy Wales in a statement. SOPA will be considered the law in the U.S. Senate tomorrow.

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