Wikipedia reached five million articles in English

“A man in solitude applied to any branch of human science, as far as it will be carried by the efforts of an individual. Add to the work of this extraordinary individual, that of another, and so on, until you have filled the gap of a revolution in the farthest revolution; and you will form some notion of what the whole species can produce more perfect. ”

Diderot, article” Encyclopedia “of the Encyclopedia (volume 5, page 637)

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia now has 36 million articles in 291 languages. Its largest version, the one in English, exceed a few hours, Sunday or Monday morning, five million articles. It had passed the 4 million in July 2012.

The French, with 1,688,000 articles , is the fifth of the free encyclopedia, after the Swedish (2.010 million articles), German (1,870 million) and the Netherlands (1,840 million). The French version has passed the million mark in September 2010 and that of the million and a half in April 2014.

Some versions rely heavily on software robots to write articles: during an exchange on Twitter last Saturday, a wikimédien pointed out to me that in Sweden, almost half of the articles were written by a single bot, lsjbot (capable of producing 10,000 items per day).

By page views, Wikipedia in September totaled 10.851 billion (or 362 million page views per day), of which 5.314 billion for the English, to Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese and French. Sixth therefore hearing the French in September accounted for 481 million page views, 16 million daily.

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