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What is the most played console in America?

There are sales figures, and there usage behavior. To “buy” a console is one thing and “play” another. The Nielsen has published U.S. figures on the number of minutes spent per day on average on a particular console. Here are the results:

Xbox 360: 26.5% of minutes played per day

Wii: 21.8%

PS3: 20.5%

PS2: 6.5%

Xbox: 1.9%

GameCube: 0.05%

Other (all other gaming machines): 22.4%

Therefore interesting to note that the Xbox 360 is dominating the playing time in American households … while it is not the best-selling console. Also significant to note that the PS2 is still resistance.

However, I would like to know what is in “other” … the Lynx? The Jaguar? The NES? Smartphone? Should we imagine that 22% of game time is spent on real retro consoles? Possible…

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