Vivendi continues headquartered Ubisoft

Vivendi continues to grow within Ubisoft. In a document filed with the AMF, the Bollore group now says hold 17.33% shares of Ubisoft and have 15.66% of the voting rights in the company. This document also details the strategy Vivendi intends to follow over the next six months.

If Vivendi rule out the possibility of a takeover, the group still plans to “seek a restructuring of the Board of Directors of Ubisoft, inter alia, on obtaining a coherent representation with its shareholder position. ”

In summary, Vivendi wants its representatives to Ubisoft’s board. The company also says it plans to “continue its purchases depending on market conditions” but said, as always, she wants “the establishment of a virtuous collaboration” with Ubisoft.

A tone passive / aggressive feature of the Vivendi transaction, which climbs slowly but surely in the capital of Ubisoft to the chagrin of its founders. The Guillemot brothers have already announced in the press of their disapproval of the methods of Vivendi.

If indeed Ubisoft escapes to the OPA, Vivendi has not private to initiate such procedure on the sister company of Ubisoft, Gameloft. Also owned and founded by the Guillemot brothers, Gameloft has positioned itself most clearly in the area of ​​mobile gaming and is facing a takeover bid initiated by Vivendi in February.

A strategy that goes badly with Gameloft and that does not bode well for Ubisoft, the tone of the remaining Vivendi statements always ambiguous with regard to its strategy.

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