United States: 4G scrambles the GPS signal

The deployment of 4G mobile network U.S. is a big problem receiving a majority of models of GPS navigators. The frequencies used by the manufacturer of one of the 4G infrastructure of the country are involved. This is a joint study by the Department of Defense, manufacturers of GPS navigators and the Federal Aviation Administration that shows.

75% of the models encounter interference with 4G frequencies in the “tens of thousands” of locations across the country. Involved, the facilities currently deployed by LightSquared, a company that installs a network to be sold then the operators. It operates a range of frequencies between 1525 MHz and 1 660.5 MHz, so very close to those used by the GPS system. Drivers risk losing their position, but also the direction of their browser. For now LightSquared manufacturers and pass the buck. The latter accused the former of not respecting the frequencies defined by the FCC, but also disclosing government information incomplete. In other words, few solutions are currently in sight.

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