Uber testing a car without a driver and without speeder

Uber testing a car without driver on the streets of the American city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). The car is the result of collaboration with the manufacturer Ford.

“If you drive in Pittsburgh in the coming weeks, you might see a strange sight: a car that seems to have to be led by a superhero” Uber says on its website. “But this is not a movie prop. This is a test drive of the Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) of Uber in Pittsburgh. ”

The Ford Fusion autonomous test is equipped with “radars, laser scanners and high resolution cameras to map the details surrounding” Uber says in a blog post. Tools which should help the vehicle to move only on the road but are also a way for Uber to enrich their GIS databases. For more autonomous driving skills test, the car will be used to collect accurate map data Uber.

Decrease accidents, and the number of drivers

The test car remains under the control of an embedded engineer for now. Eventually though, the car should be completely autonomous. Uber justification on this point is clear: 94% of fatal car accidents are caused by “human error” said Uber (autonomous cars however also cause accidents). The vehicle’s empowerment meet this real problem of security and public health. The other change that will cause the arrival of autonomous vehicles on the roads, it is the disappearance of the drivers of VTC, a significant cost item for the platform.

An information illustrates how quickly develop both the technical and the car market connected. Uber indicates that the test results from the R & D initiated a research center inaugurated in May 2015 … or there is barely a year.

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