Turing Phone: a newcomer in the market for secure smartphones

The Turing Phone announces launch date and reveals more detail its characteristics. This rugged phone wants to play in the big leagues and promises a high level of security on a phone whose design is not the most unpleasant. The Turing Phone Lollipop run Android version 5.1 and will ship a quad core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz, 3GB of memory supported by DDR3 RAM and 18, 64 or 128 GB of storage depending on the version. The camera also will carry a 5.5-inch screen and 13MP camera and a secondary camera 8MP. All accompanied by the string of fingerprint sensors, accelerometers and other thermometers that are widespread on mainstream smartphones.

The Turing Phone plays both ways: first using a new alloy, called Liquidmorphium and provide resistance to shock and impact, as well as waterproof to 10m depth. Furthermore, the unit intends to propose various tools dedicated to the safety of the user: in his early releases, the brand and evoked the possibility of offering a point-to-point encryption between users Turing Phone. But the details are still missing and the solidity of such a solution remains safe to verify …

The price of this phone has also been announced: it will take at least 610 dollars to be had, and the price will go up to $ 870 for versions with a larger storage space.

Preorders are open, but not until the end of July in order to see the first tests of this phone, which was carried out by the company Turing Robotics Industries, based in China and the US.

And we can wish them good courage: the smartphone sector “secure” has already been infiltrated by several manufacturers, such as Silent Circle or Bull or Boeing, which also offer their variations. If they were able to build on their brand or their seriousness to make a name, Turing Robotics Industries somewhat out of nowhere, and will work hard to gain market share in this niche sector.

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