Tomodachi Blocks, the concept that Facebook wants to replace by cubes

At present computers and smartphones devices are requested to communicate remotely with his family through various sites and social networks. According Aya Shimada, it is time to find another way to do that.

Japanese designer offers his concept called Tomodachi Blocks. Tomodachi is a Japanese word meaning “friend.” Tomodachi Blocks is a device resembling a set of wooden construction, including cubes that can be attached to each other. Each cube has a screen that displays the streaming video of a contact. It is therefore possible to do video chats with friends without having to use a mobile phone, PC or Mac. Indeed, Tomodachi Blocks has a wireless internet connection. To chat in a group, simply connect the contacts between them by setting the cubes.

Each cube has a presence detector and sensors that recognize when you connect the cube to another. Tomodachi Blocks remains a concept at the moment.

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