To Stay on the iPhone, Google paid Apple $ 1 billion

Then perhaps you enjoy reading the report of the hearings of the trial between Oracle and Google. Figures have leaked well as that relating to the $ 31 billion generated by Google with Android since 2007.

But at least one other figure has been delivered during the trial as Bloomberg reports: the amount paid by the Mountain View company to preserve the privileged position of its search bar on the iPhone.

Apple denounces exploitation of characters given by Google

According to a transcript of the court, in 2014 Apple has received not less than a billion dollars. The Cupertino company has signed an agreement with Google allowing him to receive a percentage of the advertising revenue generated through searches on iPhone.

This contract is similar to that in force during the years between Mozilla and Google, and which provided for compensation in return for the integration of Google as the default search engine for Firefox.

Apple would thus benefit from a favorable contract. At trial Oracle / Google, it was reported that at one time the revenue sharing rate reached 34%. It is however not clear whether this figure corresponded to the portion retained by Google or paid to Apple.

Finally, Bloomberg points out wryly that the iPhone maker and benefit financially from a activity including its CEO has repeatedly denounced the model for its intrusion into users’ privacy. So everything has a price.

“We do not sell to advertisers any information taken from the contents of your mail, your posts or your browsing history. We’re not trying to monetize the information you store on your iPhone or iCloud. When we ask for information is to provide you with better service. And even then, you have a choice, “said Tim Cook, for example in 2015.

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