Time Warner and Viacom Battle Over Streaming Content to iPad

Viacom isn’t at all happy with Time Warner Cable these days. The cable company has been providing live TV steams to the Apple iPad through an app developed for viewing programs on tablet devices. Viacom does not want their programing to be a part of it without Time Warner coughing up more money to do so. A long drawn-out battle may be afoot.

Lawsuits were filed Thursday by both companies. The question will finally be answered of whether Time Warner indeed has the right to stream Viacom’s content without any extra costs. The New York federal judge will decide if this is a reasonable request.
Viacom believes more money should be paid if live TV is shown on anything else besides an actual television. Time Warner Cable has stated that they already have the right to stream the content via whatever type of viewing screen the customers choose—and their existing contract for Viacom channels allows them to do so. Viacom stated this will cause significant damage to their business.

The 43 channels can be watched on iPad or any other device by downloading Time Warner’s app. Which channels are show to the customers are determined by what cable package they have purchased. The app has be downloaded over 360,000 times.

Viacom strongly believes streaming shows to iPads or other tablet computers counts as unlicensed distribution of copyrighted material and that the cable company should pay more money. They stated that Time Warner is being unreasonable by not wanting to discuss the situation further.



Angelica Bee

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