This 5 James Bond gadgets that became reality

What would James Bond without Q, head of research and development section of MI6? It is thanks to him that 007 is always at the forefront of technology, since it is the inventor of all the gadgets of the most famous British secret agent in the world. On the occasion of the release this Wednesday, November 11th from “Spectrum”, the 24th James Bond adventure in the cinema, we sifted through 193 Q gadgets designed to help James Bond to accomplish its missions.

The Apple Watch James Bond
In watchmaking as in love, 007 is not yet the kind of concentrate. No less than 26 watches have followed the adventures of the spy. Each with ever more incredible functions as each other: grapple, detonator explosives, television with LCD screen, laser cutting, radioactivity detector, rotary saw, etc. Besides, the Apple Watch seems quite laughable. In “The Spy Who Loved Me” (released in 1977), James Bond wore a watch with the telex service. She could print messages on a small strip of paper. Meanwhile, we invented the SMS. True, but …

The invisible car
In “Die Another Day” (2002), the Agent 007, played this time by Pierce Brosnan, a pilot Aston Martin Vanquish V12. The car, developed by the Gearloose MI6, can become invisible at a glance. There are three years, the German automobile brand Mercedes had introduced a car capable of becoming invisible. In fact, transparency is made possible by a camera that transmits the images captured by a camera installed on the other side of the vehicle boarding the diode lamps. So, we really feel that it is transparent. At least if viewed in profile.

The jet pack release year 60
In “Thunderball” released in 1965, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, escapes into the air (at a speed of 55 km / h!) with his jet pack. This equipment similar to a bag-to-back allows the user to take off, to propel and land autonomously. At the time, this was within science fiction. But the myth is becoming reality. This week, an Australian video flying around the Statue of Liberty with a jet pack has been around the world. The craft could fly up to 3000 meters and reach 160 km / h. This test flight, organized by the US start-up jet pack Aviation, was in reality a test in order to raise funds to accelerate research and development of prototype.

The Global Positioning System (GPS)
Aboard his Aston Martin DB5 James Bond uses a tracking system to locate the cue Goldfinger, this billionaire obsessed with gold. Incredibly for its time (it was in 1964!), This gadget developed by Q strangely similar to GPS models found in stores today. At that time, the satellite system had not been launched by the Americans. It was not until 1965 that the Department of Defense of the United States began to work around the GPS. It was not until 1978 to see the first satellite into orbit in 1995 and to complete the implementation of the constellation of 24 satellites.

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