The Wikipedia than 30 million media files free

From Wikipedia (one of millions of items), it is primarily the course text, but also complementary elements, such as images. Alongside articles on the attacks in France in 2015 (those of November 13 are covered in more than 80 languages), for example, there are thousands of photos of hit places, events tributes, France and in the world etc.

These documents such as text of the encyclopedia are free, are hosted in Wikimedia Commons, created on Sept. 7, 2004, three and a half years after Wikipedia. The encyclopedia celebrated on Friday, January 15 its 15 years of existence, and this Wednesday, its media has just crossed another milestone, exceeding 30 million files.

Continued growth through competition, various museums and donations

Its growth has accelerated in recent years, since during its first ten years Wikimedia Commons had earned 22 million documents, and in less than a year and a half it increased its content of a good third.

This continuous enrichment holds among other one-off or regular operations worldwide, as Wikimedia Loves Monuments, held annually since 2010 and has become the largest photo contest in the world or in France gourmet WikiCheese which illustrates cheeses.

And many cultural institutions are now participating in Wikimedia Commons, filing records and images of works (eg museums) into the library. Likewise professionals and individuals make donations, as in spring 2015, an English photographer known: Allan Warren gave a thousand of his photos of celebrities, believing that thus they will continue to be widely seen.

Freedom of panorama ongoing battle

Whatever its growth, it will keep gaps in certain areas if legal barriers remain: in the ongoing discussions in the National Assembly about the project Digital Republic legislation, the panorama of freedom (extremely reduced in France) will be on the menu? Lobbyists of copyright collecting agencies are fighting hard to prevent (“annihilation of copyright”: one wonders how live architects and sculptors of the European countries where there is freedom of panorama) .

The Cultural Affairs Committee of the Assembly has passed, the government comes via Axelle Lemaire to reject the amendments tabled tonight … More in public.

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